Terms of Use

Terms of Use

I authorize, by execution of this agreement, the advertisement of the availability of my dog’s semen on the ISCB Atlanta Website which will include a picture of the dog, dogs name, AKC registration number, dogs title, dog’s pedigree, and a link to the OFA Website.

I permit and authorize Kathryn Roberts and ICSB Atlanta to use the photographic image of my dog  in all advertising including on her website , in her sole discretion.

I represent that I am the owner of the photographic image and that I am authorized to allow its use.

If this image was taken by a third-party photographer, they have authorized me to allow its use by ICSB Atlanta and Kathryn Roberts.

All inquiries from potential bitch owners will be made exclusively thru Kathryn Roberts or ICSB Atlanta.

Any and all disputes regarding the enforcement of the application or interpretation of this Agreement will be decided in Courts in a jurisdiction of our choice.

ICSB guarantees live semen only. We do not guarantee pregnancy of the bitch or puppies.

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